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Product and Service Price List Updated

We have replaced our Product and Service Price List from a downloadable PDF file to a dynamic page which has all the latest information about the prices of our products and services.

We invite you to visit the new page by accessing the menu at the top of the page and selecting “PRODUCTS & SERVICES” and selecting the submenu option “PRODUCT AND SERVICE PRICE LIST” or by clicking on this link directly:

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us on this page, in the discussion on the Product and Service Price List, or by contacting us directly.

Creating Habitat at the Turnbull Shoreline

Creating Habitat at the Turnbull Shoreline

The first of the few hundred oyster reefballs were placed today. These particular reefballs will be used to establish marsh as well as provide habitat. Thank you to partners and funders: Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Chesapeake Bay Trust, Anne Arundel County Watershed Protection and Restoration Program, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Coastal Conservation Association Maryland

Posted by Arundel Rivers Federation on Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Living Shoreline Project – Cedar Key Nature Coast Biological Station


Research is what helps up gain an understanding. This project was planned for 5 groupings of Reef Balls, to monitor oyster recuritment. It started with students helping deploy the project, it has survived storms and seems to be doing it job. The Reef Balls are various heights and configured sometimes with larger ones forward of smaller ones.

I found it interesting the results on recruitment of oysters internally. Many living shoreline projects you material that is only looking at a single surface area. I have encouraged over the past 10 years researching in a cubic meter, three dementionally. It is great to see the published results on this project.

Reef ball barnacle and oyster coverage - inner surface

Please follow the link above for the full article on the first year.