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Offshore Bar, EFH

McDill 2015

Essential Fish Habitat,  as well as a breakwater is the importance of re-establishing an “offshore bar”.   This video from September 2015 will give you an idea of the type of marine life attracted to the structure.

No, other artificial reef material provides the surface area, wave attenuation and eddie currents that are created with the use of Reef Balls.  In the video you will also see the value of the relief from the bottom that creates habitat that cannot be created with bags of shell, or layers of rock.

I conclude, that in any living shoreline restoration project there should be an living breakwater off the shoreline in depths of 3′ or more.

Video filmed in Tampa Bay Florida – McDill  provided to Reef Innovations.

Comments by Jim McFarlane.

Sand on the Beach — without dredging, thanks to Reef Balls

We, all enjoy a visit to the beach, and most prefer to see soft white sand.

How to take your beach from this –

Dominican Republic Project from 1998 to 2000

to  this …..

Dominican Republic Project from 1998 to 2001 results

Dr. Lee Harris of the Florida Institute of Technology and a leading expert in submerged breakwater technologies has overseen many of these projects. 

“The basic premise of Reef Ball submerged breakwaters is to mimic natural reef systems and their ability to attenuate waves so that (beach) erosion is managed by natural like processes.  The exact amount of attenuation is usually engineered for each project and is controlled by depth, wave climate, number of rows of Reef Balls, spacing of Reef Balls, etc.  There have been very extensive wave tank studies to allow us to custom design the desired wave attenuation for a specific project.” 

For more research information on the Reef Ball site   go to

To develop your project contact Larry at Reef Innovations



Breakwater Projects in Texas

Wesst Bay Moorings Goliath Reef BallsChocloate Bayou  Bay Reef BallsReef Balls are being used in a variety of areas as breakwaters.  These pictures are from projects in Texas in 2011.   The top Picture is using Goliath Reef Balls to protect West Bay moorings.  The bottom picture is protection the shoreline from erosion using Bay Balls .