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Teamwork! MD + VA Oyster Crew & Volunteers Plant 225 Reef Balls In Lafayette River.

To help boost the river’s oyster population, CBF’s Oyster Team placed 250 low-pro reef balls on state-protected sanctuary reefs and along designated shorelines at 5 sites in the Lafayette River. The reef balls, domed concrete structures full of nooks and crannies, are designed to attract baby oysters and help protect them from natural predators. This river has had a great ‘spat’ set the past several seasons and we hope this year is no exception. These reef balls will provide a great surface for these baby oysters ‘spat’ to start a new reef. To tackle the reef ball job, CBF called upon its two uniquely designed oyster restoration vessels, the Patricia Campbell from Maryland and Chesapeake Gold from Gloucester, Va.
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Breakwater Projects in Texas

Wesst Bay Moorings Goliath Reef BallsChocloate Bayou  Bay Reef BallsReef Balls are being used in a variety of areas as breakwaters.  These pictures are from projects in Texas in 2011.   The top Picture is using Goliath Reef Balls to protect West Bay moorings.  The bottom picture is protection the shoreline from erosion using Bay Balls .