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Living shoreline, A new guide from NOAA

Oct 2015 – Today is the release from NOAA of a Guide for people considering the use of living shorelines.

Some of the key points are:

  1. Living shorelines can become more stable over time.
  2. Living shorelines have outperformed hardened shorelines during storm events.
  3. Living shorelines provide greater habitat function than hard shorelines.
  4. Living shoreline methodologies that avoid or minimize channel-ward encroachment into subtidal areas minimize these trade-offs.

Reef Balls, have been successfully used as a Living Breakwater in various ecosystems, and at various depths.   The importance of living shorelines is emphasized by the science community,  NOAA, and the Army Corps of Engineers.   It’s time for everyone living on the shore to look at methods they can use to restore a living shoreline in their area.



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