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Living SeaWall, module units incorporating Reef Balls

What to do with you decaying seawall.

2015 Nov.
from Bradington Post

  • “Burton said most coastal communities are doing away with traditional seawalls because they increase the rate of coastal erosion by removing the shore’s ability to carry out a natural tidal process. Many places are favoring a living shoreline instead that still protects the shoreline but adds aesthetics and promotes marine habitat.
  • However, state regulations require a hardened structure near state highways and bridges so Palmetto was presented with a unique challenge that required a unique solution. The city retained Reef Ball Foundation, which developed a design that would incorporate the two concepts. A seawall would be constructed first and a living shoreline would be added to it.”

full story is below –

Palmetto moves forward with living shoreline seawall ‘pilot’ project