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Artificial Reef – 41ºN

The art and science of shellfish restoration in the Providence River By Mary Grady AT INDIA POINT PARK IN PROVIDENCE, DESPITE THE PICTURESQUE views of the bay, boats, and birds, it’s easy to see that nature has taken a pounding from the last few centuries of humanity. The shallow waters along the shore are spiked with the ragged remains of ancient piers and shipwrecks, and the shoreline itself, once carpeted with resilient reeds and grasses, now is hardened with cement walls and piles of jagged rock. These intertidal waters have absorbed centuries worth of detritus and debris from an industrialized urban watershed, from toxic metals to sewage waste to freeway runoff. The fish, oysters, and mussels that once flourished here have been gone since long before the memory of anyone visiting today. But the park, and the Providence River it overlooks, are on the verge of a new era. Huge infrastructure projects, years in the making, now divert most of the raw sewage that for decades ran into the river from a network of overflow pipes. The water already is noticeably clearer, less murky and stinky, and fish are coming back. And soon, a little cove nestled into the park’s shoreline […]

Source: Artificial Reef – 41ºN