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Protect your seawall and increase beach width.

If you have a seawall it’s time to take steps to add Resilience.  Reef Innovations has the technology to solve your problem.  Shoreline protection and habitat.  Create your living shoreline one step at a time.  First install a Reel Ball breakwater.  You may find new ideas, but this is tried and tested over the past 23 years.  Aesthetics what one thought in the original design of the Reef Balls.  Don’t forget if you have a dock stretching out with at T shape,  you have the ideal location to start habitat that will add resilience to your shoreline.

The science is important, take a look at the research below.

“In November 2002, prior to the installation of the breakwater system, the shoreline in front of the Marriott had retreated to the seawall, with waves scouring underneath the seawall. Since the installation of the submerged breakwater system the beach width and volume of sand have substantially increased. The beach width varied seasonally 25 to 70 feet, compared to 0 to 30 feet before installation. Four years after the completion of the project, the average beach width reached 72 feet. Wave transmission analysis, based on empirical equations, showed a wave height reduction of at least 60%. Under most non-storm conditions, sediment leeward of the breakwater remains stable, and has allowed a salient to build up in front of the Marriott Hotel.” A thesis by Dana Suzanne Arnouil

Link to full paper