Reef Innovations: Restoring Marine Ecosystems with Reef Balls

Welcome to Reef Innovations, where we specialize in coral reef and sea life restoration with novel reef ball creations. Our mission is to make artificial underwater habitats and reinvigorate the sea life population. These safe underwater dwellings include our reef balls, reef layer cakes, reef cubes, and other constructions.

Today, we’d like to highlight the reef balls we make, available in various sizes and arrangements.

Reef Restoration

What are Reef Balls?

Reef balls are an artificial reef technology, designed to be sent into various parts of the ocean floor to establish new homes for fish, starfish, sea flora, and other organisms. It’s a proven remedy for areas that have sustained rapid reef erosion. Believe it or not, the earliest application of this concept goes back to 250 BC, when the ancient Carthaginians used stone reefs to block their adversaries from sea invasion.

Nowadays, reef balls come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from about 30 pounds and reaching upwards of several thousand pounds. Most of them have interconnecting holes to help facilitate sea life entry. While you can position reef balls almost anywhere in the ocean, they work especially well in areas around seawalls, underneath docks, or any place with extensive reef depletion.

If you explore some of the ones we make, you’ll find many options for diverse shapes, weights, and sizes. Here’s a quick sample of how that works.

How Do Reef Balls Restore Sea Life Habitats?

Some of the more extensive reef ball projects involve the deployment of thousands of reef balls to cover larger areas of the seafloor. You can use reef balls to accomplish objectives such as:

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We also invite you to follow everything we’re doing to expand this and other projects all across the world. We’ve deployed reef balls in places as diverse as the Gulf Coast and Mid Atlantic to overseas locations in Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. If this excites you, then you can even hire us for consulting services, and launch your very own reef ball endeavors.

Reef Innovations would like to thank you for checking out our focus on reef ball designs and purposes. This is already making a difference, but we’d love to partner with you to accomplish more. Contact us anytime to learn more about this novel aquatic engineering method by calling 941-330-0501.

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Victoria Harbour Reef Balls Installation on Vimeo

Victoria Harbour Reef Balls Installation from Roll.Focus. Productions on Vimeo.

Creating Habitat at the Turnbull Shoreline

Living Shoreline Project – Cedar Key Nature Coast Biological Station


Research is what helps up gain an understanding. This project was planned for 5 groupings of Reef Balls, to monitor oyster recuritment. It started with students helping deploy the project, it has survived storms and seems to be doing it job. The Reef Balls are various heights and configured sometimes with larger ones forward of smaller ones.

I found it interesting the results on recruitment of oysters internally. Many living shoreline projects you material that is only looking at a single surface area. I have encouraged over the past 10 years researching in a cubic meter, three dementionally. It is great to see the published results on this project.

Reef ball barnacle and oyster coverage - inner surface

Please follow the link above for the full article on the first year.

Cape Coral company gives away free ‘reef balls’ for your dock – NBC2 News

For years I have been attempting to get homeowners to get excited and place suspended Reef Ball’s under their docks.   Now it look like a company is also excited about the idea.   Please Read the article.


Source: Cape Coral company gives away free ‘reef balls’ for your dock – NBC2 News

Underwater memorial pays tribute to submariners | Fox News Video

Source: Underwater memorial pays tribute to submariners | Fox News Video

RM60 mil to place 14,400 units of reef balls in Sarawak waters

Source: RM60 mil to place 14,400 units of reef balls in Sarawak waters | New Straits Times | Malaysia General Business Sports and Lifestyle News

TVA – Fish are Having a Ball on TVA Lakes

Source: TVA – Fish are Having a Ball on TVA Lakes

Team working on Project

Thanks to all the volunteers (Scubanauts International and Port Authority) that helped complete the first maps of our…

Posted by Keith Kolasa on Saturday, June 1, 2019