Oyster Reef Construction – SBEP


This week  Brett, Frank, Robbie and Al are hard at work spreading oyster shell around the reef ball cluster located by the white pipe.  This is building a diverse habitat to support a variety  of species.

The unique pontoon boat from Reef Innovations, has a unique ability to navigate the shallows.

This type of restoration project needs to be repeated all along the Gulf States.


Why Build Reefs?

Man’s activities and natural disasters have led to a reductions in our natural reef systems. Recreationally, growth in sports fishing, scuba diving, and boating has increased the pressures on these systems. Commercially, our seafood industry is dependent on developing the ocean to enable ever larger, yet sustainable, harvests. The loss of our natural systems, coupled with increased use, compels us to do everything we can to save natural reefs. Even so, the natural reefs cannot rebuild themselves fast enough to meet human demands. Long lasting artificial reefs are useful tools for restoring our reef systems to a natural and productive balance