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Homeowners in the residential area of Punta Gorda Isles paid for the installation of another

April 26, 2015 by Reef Innovations  


Yes that is a research project.   One that should be duplicated around the world.  Reef Balls can add habitat.  Over 150 residents were willing to pay for Reef Balls under their docks.

Lessons Learned:

Although the Reef Balls have only recently been deployed, ongoing monitoring has provided some initial observations:
  • The Reef Balls colonized with oysters and other marine organisms much more quickly than expected under the private docks.
  • Within weeks of deployment, large numbers of juvenile and adult fish were utilizing the structures deployed under private docks.
  • Water monitoring efforts over the last twelve months around the Reef Balls under private docks have shown “better than expected” levels of dissolved oxygen

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