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A goliath breakwater ring is a large, reinforced concrete structure that is used to protect shorelines from erosion and wave damage. It is similar to a goliath reef ball, but it is designed to be placed on the seabed offshore, rather than submerged.

Goliath breakwater rings are typically made of a very strong and durable concrete mixture, and they are often reinforced with steel or other materials. They can be up to several hundred feet in diameter and weigh up to several hundred tons.

Goliath breakwater rings are used to protect shorelines from erosion by dissipating wave energy. When waves hit the ring, they are forced to flow around it, which reduces their energy and prevents them from causing erosion.

Goliath breakwater rings can also be used to protect shorelines from storm surge. When a storm surge occurs, the water can be forced up against the ring, which helps to prevent it from flooding the shoreline.

Goliath breakwater rings are a valuable tool for coastal protection. They can be used to protect shorelines from erosion and storm surge, even in areas with extreme wave action.

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