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Lo-pro reef balls are a type of artificial reef that is designed to be low profile. This means that they are not as tall as traditional reef balls, and they have a more streamlined shape.

Lo-pro reef balls are often used in areas where there is a lot of wave action, such as nearshore reefs and breakwaters. They are also used in areas where there is a limited amount of space, such as in urban areas or near docks and marinas.

Lo-pro reef balls have a number of benefits, including:

  • They provide habitat for fish and other marine life: Lo-pro reef balls provide a safe place for fish and other marine life to live and grow.
  • They improve water quality: Algae and other marine life that colonize lo-pro reef balls help to filter water and improve water quality.
  • They protect shorelines from erosion: Lo-pro reef balls can help to protect shorelines from erosion by dissipating wave energy.
  • They are less likely to damage boats and other marine traffic: Lo-pro reef balls are shorter and have a more streamlined shape than traditional reef balls, which makes them less likely to damage boats and other marine traffic.

Lo-pro reef balls are a versatile and effective tool for reef restoration and coastal protection. They are a valuable addition to any artificial reef system.

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