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Over the last several decades severe storms, coastal development, and human activity have degraded or destroyed fish and shellfish habitats, leading to a decline in the size and health of coastal marine life populations here in Nova Scotia, and across the globe.

Artificial reefs are designed to create or restore marine habitat by fostering the growth of an ecosystem that supports fish and shellfish populations. In addition to providing shelter and protection to fish species, artificial reefs support the growth of algae, which is a foundational piece in the ecosystem. They also serve as habitats for spawning and reproduction, which is critical to the success of a rebuilding population.

In 2012, the Clean Foundation launched the Atlantic Reef Ball program, which creates, installs, and monitors artificial reefs across Nova Scotia in an effort to create or restore coastal marine habitat. The reef structures, known as Reef Balls, are designed to establish quality habitat that will draw a variety of marine species into coastal zones. The inaugural project of this program involved the installation of 100 Reef Balls in the Halifax Harbour in late October, 2013.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has acknowledged Reef Balls as a recognized method of marine environmental remediation. As a result, our artificial reefs are eligible for habitat compensation and offset projects.

In addition to restoring marine habitat, this program is meant to help raise public awareness of Nova Scotia’’s ocean environment and the threats it currently faces.  The program will also provide a bright reminder of the potential Nova Scotians have to remediate existing damage and to help reduce future impacts.

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2013   CBS News reports on Reef Balls /  Layer Cakes



Project Name
Time Frame
Type Modules
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Atlantic Coastal Action Program
Nova Scotia
Cape Breton
palet,bay balls
build 6 pallet, 6-bay balls for the test site in New Campellton.

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