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Reef Innovations and The Reef Ball Foundation feel that it is a must to stay on top of the latest science and research.   The Foundation sponsors many research projects.  Reef Innovations attempts to make conferences seeing and hearing the latest research summaries.   We attend many local and regional governmental meeting and often provide valuable information to decision-makers.

Below you will find some links that may assist you.   Contact us if you have questions. It’s always better to be in on the planning phase than attempting to correct mistakes as groups attempt to re-invent the wheel.


A Step by Step Guide for grass root efforts to Reef Rehabilitation (DRAFT)

State of Florida Artificial Reef Locations

(as of April 24, 2013)

ERMA Deepwater Response GIS  Maps and Research


More Habitat Means More Fish   –  Citation: Restore America’s Estuaries. 2013. More Habitat Means More Fish

Restoration Returns  – “for every dollar spent on restoration, the state gains $1.90 of economic activity

Combined Recreational Amenities and Coastal Erosion Protection using Submerged Breakwaters for Shoreline Stabilization ”   

Hypotheses Hypotheses-based restoration study for based restoration study for mitigation of a S.E. Florida mitigation of a S.E. Florida U.S.A. coral reef damaged by the U.S.A. coral reef damaged by the grounding of a nuclear submarine

2015 NOAA  Guidance for Considering the Use of Living Shorelines

Many research papers are listed at: Artificial Reef Scientific Resources

Research Database for the Gulf of Mexico

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