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When it come to diving, experience is important.  The Dive Team at Reef Innovations has years of experience in a variety of fields. Scientific Diving, Research, and Underwater Reef studies are at the top of the list.

If your planning to permit an Artificial Reef, you will need some surveys of the area. If you need continued monitoring then experience is of utmost importance.  Perhaps underwater grafting of corals is what your looking for.

Reef Innovations Dive Team

Reef Innovations has years of experience under water and above.

  1. Your first steps may include a request for a member of the Reef Innovations Dive Team, to make dives to evaluate your site.
  2. Later we can come back with a full team to do a complete site study.
  3. Deployment verification is required by the permitting agencies.
  4. Continued monitoring is an important part of any project.
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With over 30 years of combined experience in research, product design, and manufacturing of Reef Balls, Reef Innovations is a leader in innovative design and construction materials for Reef and Breakwater projects.

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