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Erosion Control Project – Checklist

Check List of Data Useful in Erosion Control Projects

  • Tide Data (annual and monthly) MHHW, MLLW, MHW, MLW, MW

  • Wave Climate Data (average, 10, 20, 50 year storm, etc., periods and heights)

  • Sand Transport Data (prevailing direction, volumes, seasonal changes, sources and sinks)

  • Sand Grain Size Distribution Data

  • Water Quality Measures (turbidity, salinity, nitrates/nitrite/ammonia levels, etc.)

  • Aerial Photographs (historical and current)

  • Site History (storm impacts, developments, special influences)

  • Bathometry (as detailed as possible, especially in project areas)

  • Bottom Survey (physical such as bottom type, depth to firm substrate and biological such as corals, sea grasses, reefs, fish present at or near the project)

  • Permit Records (information of current or previous permits for the project)

  • Engineering Drawings (Autocads, drawings, or other construction plans)

  • List of Project Goals (for example desired beach width, desired swimming area, etc.)

  • Project Budget Expectations (basic range of expenditures expected to spend for desired erosion outcome)

  • List of Contacts (Names, emails, contact information for people involved in the project such as permitting agencies, architects, engineering firms, client decision makers, etc.)

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