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Sarasota Anglers reef 6-29-2013

Reef Balls are awesome for Essential Marine Habitats.

You could spend forever researching the need to create more habitat,  but probably the most important thing is to get started creating habitats to replace those impacted by Natural Disasters and Humans.

You can find Reef Balls used to create marine habitats from  Deep-Sea, to Shallow Snorkeling Reefs,  including  Under Dock Habitats,   Salt Water or Fresh.  One of the exciting new approaches is micro-habitats,  such as the Channel Marker Micro-Habitat.

More information:

Deep Cover Protective Habitatdeep cover

Essential Fish Habitat  (EFH)

Layer Cake Lobster HabitatLayer Cakes

Micro Habitat

Juvenile HabitatChannel Marker


  1. Habitat and Fish Populations in the Deep-Sea Oculina  Coral Ecosystem of the al Ecosystem of the Western estern Atlantic
  2. Marine Life Colonization of Experimental Reef Habitat in Temperate Ocean  aters
    of New Jersey
  3. Sarasota Bay Juvenile Fisheries Habitat Assessment, Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.IJV
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