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Breakwater construction is the process of building artificial structures to protect shorelines from erosion and storm damage and is a valuable tool for protecting coastal communities and improving the environment. By protecting shorelines from erosion and storm damage, breakwaters can help to save lives and property.


Would you like to see more sand on your beach?

A Reef Ball Breakwater could be the answere, after years of use the results are in.

Lee E. Harris, Ph.D., P.E. after research concluded ” The submerged breakwater project presented in this CETN demonstrates the technology available to provide shoreline stabilization due to wave attenuation at a site with a low tidal range and wave climate. In addition, the use of artificial reef units for the breakwater also provides habitat enhancement for the marine life, which can be enjoyed by divers and snorkelers.

Take a look at the Army Corps paper.

Reef Innovations can help you with a plans and products to restore beach sand and create a great breakwater.

Maryland Breakwater 2013
MD 1st deploy (2) - Copy - Copy

McDill Breakwater 2010

Eagle Scout Project
Eagle Scout Project

Texas West Bay Mooring 2012
Texas West Bay Mooring 2012

Texas, Bay Harbor 2013
Texas, Bay Harbor 2013

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